Master of Math

Nobody has “invented” Math but this is great for learning and practicing the different properties of mathematics.


Luminosity belongs to the new genre of brain-train apps, aimed at developing your memory through the use of exercises that require the use of your full cognitive ability. The app…

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In the current age, where almost every child seems to have their own smartphone, it is increasingly important to ensure that they are properly supervised, while still allowing them to…

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Peak Brain Training

The genre of Brain Training apps has become saturated over the last year or two with a lot of apps that claim to increase your mental, cognitive capacity. Most of…

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Claiming to be a “fun, interactive way to learn new languages, Memrise is a new generation of apps that allow you to learn new languages on the trot. The app’s…

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Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone

Kik has been among the earliest of photosharing and chat apps that have been in the market since before the time of Whatsapp and the like. Kik users primarily identify…

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